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Meat & Poultry

Bebek Panggang
Roast Duck

Ayam Kung Pao dengan Kacang Mede
Kung Pao Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Sapi Tenderloin dengan Saus Lada Hitam
Black Pepper Tenderloin Beef Cube

Ayam Goreng Cabe
Crispy Fried Chicken with Chilli

Ayam Goreng Special
Fried Chicken Cutlet

Ayam Asap
Smoked Chicken

Daging babi dengan Saus ala Chef's Table
Beef Sliced With Din Tai Fung Sauce
Daging Sapi dengan Saus ala Din Tai Fung
Beef Sliced with Din Tai Fung Sauce

Babi Samcan Tung Po dengan Tim Mantau
Grandma's Braised Tung Po Pork in Brown Sauce with Steamed Bun
Tim Mantau
Steamed Bun

Babi Panggang
Roast pork

Iga Babi Goreng Special
Fried Pork Chop

Iga Babi dengan Saus Asam Manis Tradisional
Pork Ribs in Traditional Sweet & Sour Saucen

Iga Babi ala Bi Feng Tang
Pork Ribs ala Bi Feng Tang

Babi Nanas dengan Saus Asam Manis
Pineapple Pork

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