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Cold Dessert

Aneka Buah Dengan Sagu XiMiLu
Mixed Fruit with Sago

Puding Almond dengan Es Serut
Almond Pudding over Slush Ice

Stroberi Impian (Seasonal)
Strawberry Fantasy (Seasonal)

Puding Mangga
Mango Pudding (Seasonal)

Puding Mangga dengan Irisan Mangga (Seasonal)
Mango Pudding with Fresh Mango Slice

Mangga Impian (Seasonal)
Mango Fantasy

Buah Musiman
Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Gui Ling Gao
Gui Ling Gao

Es Krim Mangga
Ice Cream Mango

Es Krim Cokelat
Ice Cream Chocolale

Es Krim Vanila
Ice Cream Vanilla

Es Krim Stroberi
Ice Cream Strawberry

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